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Gianni Aricó





2012        BOLOGNA - square Galileo Galilei - bronze statue dedicated to GALILEO and the discovery of the telescope

                 (2,20x0,80x1,10 m.). - Next to it: The large blue spherical ball of Murano glass and cement (Diam. 1,10 m.).



2006        VENICE - Zattere to St. Basil - MONUMENT ANTONIO VIVALDI, in bronze. Three figures of "Puttoes 

                 musicians" (2,70x3,50x2,00 m.).


2005         VENICE - Island San Servolo - MONUMENT TO THE MADNESS, in bronze. two figures inspired by the myth

                  of Niobe and Latona, (3 x 2,50 x 1,50 m.). Garden of the Museum of Madness.


2005         MEDJUGORJE (HERZEGOVINA), BIG RISEN CHRIST, in crystal and gold with tying in bronze, supported

                  by steel cables, in the apse of the church of Kralitze Mjra (3,70x2,50x1.00 m.).



2001          VIENNA - Rooseveltplatz - MONUMENT TO ANTONIO VIVALDI, three figures of "Puttoes musicians" and

                  marble stone, with a portrait of Antonio Vivaldi in Carrara marble (about 3,00x 4,00x2,80 m.).


1992          NEW YORK -Manhattan- Intrepid Sea, Air, Space Museum, MONUMENT CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS for

                  the V Centenary of the Discovery of America, three bronze statues in natural size displayed in 20 m. of length. 



1988           PEDEROBBA (TREVISO), The great WAR MEMORIAL OF WAR, 1915-18, with 20 statues in bronze larger

                   than life-size, with a displacement of 35 meters in length, on the bank of the Piave.


1986           VENICE - Mestre - THE MONUMENTAL FOUNTAIN, with 14 statues in bronze displayed over 25 m. in 

                    6 groups, representing the history of the city of Mestre.


1983-2000  SARDINIA - Costa Smeralda - Cannigione Church of San Giovanni - LARGE WINDOWS, mosaic and cement.

                   The main facade shows a round mosaic in glass and concrete with the Risen Christ (Diam. 3,50 m.).


1979            VENICE, plastic decoration of the entire facade of the THEATRE "Carlo Goldoni", the three PORTALS in

                    bronze, WRITTEN bronze and glass, the six BALCONIES in bronze, the BULLETIN in bronze,  and the

                    LAMPS in bronze and glass.




Gianni Aricò has a considerable production of medals, including medals made for the University of Ca'Foscari, a. acc. 1999, and 2012; Venetian Institute of Sciences, Letters and Arts - Venice; Order of Architects of the Province of Venice; the Province of Venice; the Veneto Region (Department of Tourism and Department of Labor); for the Veneto Region and the Patriarchal Curia on the occasion the visit of Pope John Paul II in Venice; l 'Ateneo Veneto and the Prize Cake etc.




January 31, 2009 Aricò is one of the artists selected for the exhibition in Siena museum at complex of Santa Maria della Scala: ART GENIUS MADNESS THE DAY AND THE NIGHT THE ARTIST, with the monumental group "Madness" bronze, 2,10x1,20x2,10 m.



On 15 May 2009, the Municipality of Padua in collaboration with The University of Padova, the Institute of Astronomy, and the Asiago Observatory, organize a large exhibition of works by Aricò during the YEAR GALILEAN.






His works have been exhibited in Oxford, Paris, Brussels, Mannheim, Warsaw, Lugano, Atlanta, New York, Milan and Beijing.


Of particular note:


2012-2013  BEIJING - Italian Mall - Exhibition of 15 large glass sculptures, with the sponsorship of the Venice Expo, for

                   the Company Major Events of the Municipality of Venice.


2009           SIENA, museum complex of Santa Maria della Scala: "Art Genius Madness Day and Night of the Artist."


2009           PADUA, in collaboration with the Municipality of Padua, the University of Padua, and the Institute of

                   Astronomy - View Anthology of sculpture and paintig.


2005           MILAN - Foundation "Le Stelline" - Corso Magenta - Retrospective exhibition of paintings and sculptures.


1993           TOKYO - Institute of Italian culture - Retrospective exhibition of sculptures and graphics.


1989           WARSAW - Museum Dunikoswkij - Retrospective exhibition of 100 works of sculptures, paintings, and



1985           PARIS - Olivetti Centre - Exhibition of sculptures and graphics.


1985           CORTINA D'AMPEZZO - Italian Course - Exposure to great works in bronze, wood, stone and glass.


1986           PARIS - Gallery Renée Drouet - Exhibition of sculptures.