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Stephan Michael Becsei


1957                   Born in Magdeburg, Germany.

1976-1982        Studies of Architecture / urban and Landscape Planning at the University Kassel.

1983                  Diploma of the University Kassel.

1985                  Fundation of B-A-E-R Urban + Environmental Research, Frankfurt am Main.

2009                 DESAG Certified verifier for gardening, landscaping, agriculture and forestry.




Scientific presentations and conference participation (selection)



2016                 What makes the city of the future worth living? German Habitat Forum 2016

                           "Urban solutions" to prepare the contributions to the UN Habitat 3rd Conference.

                           Quito, Ecuador and Berlin, Germany.


2016                  German-Chinese Environment Forum and Delegation Trip with Environment Minister and

                            lecturer in "Workshop 3 - Biodiversity and Soil Conservation. Designing green envelopes

                            and other cost effective biodiverse solutions-a business case from Germany. " Nanjing,  



2015                  Presentation "Conversion of residential buildings from the 1950s and 1960s

                           Green infrastructure Improving the living conditions for life and health loving cities.“  

                           European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference 2015 Celebrating Nature- Based

                           Solutions for Cities. Vienna, Austria.


2015                  9th Federal Congress Urban Development Policy "Urban Energies – Integration." Congress

                          Hall at Leipzig Zoo, Germany.


2015                 German-Indian environmental forum and delegation trip with environmental minister as

                          well Speaker in "Working Group 3 - Sustainable Urban Development." Dehli, India.


2014                 Climattizzazione Cittámigliorata dal verde interattiva

                          Efficienzza energetica nell´Edilizia per gli administratori condominali. Milano, Italien.


2014                 L´ industrie en Francia et en Allemagne

                          L´ Efficacité énergètique dans l´industrie. German Embassy in Paris, France.


2014                 German-Chinese High Technology Forum with Presence of the German Chancellor, Vice -

                          Chancellor, the Chinese Prime Minister, and the chairman of the National Development and

                          Reform Commission of the People's Republic of China. Berlin, Germany.







2003                 European Prize for Publicspace, Mention. Barcelona, Spain.

                           Project: LZL Logistikzentrum + Heinz Raspe Platz, Frankfurt am Main.


1999                  Nomination to Mies van der Rohen-Award. Barcelona, Spain.

                           Project: UTZ Umwelttechnologie Zentrum, Berlin.


1992                  BDLA Award for Young Architects, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

                           Project: Am Weißen Stein, Frankfurt am Main.


1989                  BDLA Price Commendation. Essen, Germany.

                           Project: Am Weißen Stein, Frankfurt am Main.