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Ralf Kirchner


1955                 Born in Kehl am Rhein. Lives and works in Frankfurt am Main


1975 – 1981     Degreed in German Philology, Philosophy, History of Art at the TH Karlsruhe


1982 – 1988    Degreed in Painting, Graphic, Theory of Art at the Städelschule Frankfurt am Main

                           by the professors Thomas Bayrle, Raimer Jochims, Michael Croissant.


1987                 Prize received from the Minister of Education and Science of BRD.


1989                 Master student at Städelschule, by Professor R. Jochims.



Exhibitions in the art associations of Bonn, Marburg, Freiburg



1990     „Der Kanalrat“, drawing implementation for short film. First Prize at the Festival Internacional 

             de Cine de Gijon.


1998     „Fabelhaft", Exhibitions among others in Kirchheim/Teck and at the Altes Zollamt,

              Frankfurt am Main.


2001      Start of work on the cycle „Die Lehren des Siebs", Drawings and poems.


2008      Free artistic associate at the Majolika Karlsruhe.


2008     „Durch den Spiegel", printmaking and painting. Solo exhibition - Im Galluszentrum,

               Frankfurt am Main.


2011     „Ein Wintermärchen“, Solo exhibition at the Villa Gans, Kronberg


2011     „Glashaus", Paintigns and drawings, Schulstr. 1 A, Frankfurt am Main


2015    "Poetic, magical, mythical!" Paintings and drawings at PRESENCE Kulturlounge,

             Frankfurt am Main


2015    "The man in the globalized world" in Shumei Centre, Frankfurt am Main


2015    "At home in allegories" Paintings and drawings, Hotel Kloster Johannisberg, Rheingau


2018    "Trennschicht durchlässig" Drawings and paintings, Internationales Theater, Frankfurt am Main