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Art Project: In the microcosm of the painting

Oil painting: Albin Michel - Macro photography: Vittorio Struppek-Wiedemann
The exhibition project In the microcosm of painting is no ordinary exhibition, but rather represents with its expressive images an invitation to a fascinating journey.
This journey takes us into the inner world of traditional oil painting by the artist Albin Michel. However, this beautiful inner world remains hidden to our eyes until the time when the photographer Vittorio Struppek-Wiedemann shows us with his expertise and his equipment.
But what makes the journey to which we are invited in the microcosm of painting so fascinating?
On the one hand we have the powerful colors of the images and their influence on us, on the other hand we have the experiences that we make on this journey.
Colors play a big role in our society, because they are present in all areas of life and influence our moods and feelings. Color psychology has long been concerned with the importance of colors in a wide variety of fields, from fashion to interior design to industrial products and beyond.
The forms that the colors assume in the microcosm of painting convey a subtle transcendental language, which in turn, with its radiant power, inevitably puts us into meditation.
The experiences we make on our journey into the inner world of painting are very rich and varied, for every step of the way in which the photographs show us opens up unbelievable landscapes before our eyes. Thus, a single painted work of art creates endless new images. Looking at these impressive monumental prints, certain associations are created in our imagination, which in turn are associated with certain emotions. The pictures appeal to our emotions.
The monumental appearance of the prints of a minimal part of the original oil painting makes us realize how many details are hidden for our eyes. The journey into the inner world of painting through the macro-photographs stimulates us to better reflect our own inner world.
Questions such as "How many undiscovered landscapes do I carry hidden in me?", "What color does a particular effect trigger on me?" Or "How can I better use it?" Awaken in us.
This extraordinary exhibition project is organized as a traveling exhibition, which started in January 2019 in the premises of the PRESENCE Kulturlounge Frankfurt. I wish all visitors to this extraordinary exhibition series a lively exchange with the artworks and with themselves on their journey into the microcosm of painting.