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Li Xi
1988                      Born in Beijing, China
2006 - 2011          Study at the Central Academy of Fine Art (CAFA), Beijing, China
2011 - 2012           Junior architect in Zhubo Design Group Co., Beijing, China
2013 - 2015           Study of architecture at the TU-Berlin, Germany. Bachelor degree.
2015 - currently   Study architecture at the University of Kassel, Germany, (Master).


2019    Li Xi, paintings and Ute Safrin, plastic. Group exhibition at Kunstraum Kaynak, Berlin, Germany.


2018   ADAGIO, solo exhibition in Lexus Forum Darmstadt, Germany.


2017   Entropy. Solo exhibition in PRESENCE Kulturlounge, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.


2015   Group exhibition in the Contemporary Art Exhibition. Shanghai & Guangzhou, China.
2014   Group exhibition in the Beijing International Art Exhibition - Star of the Academy.
            Beijing, China.

2014   Group exhibition --Star of the Academy Exhibition - Beijing & Shanghai, China.
2009   Group exhibition in the 11th National Fine Arts Exhibition. Beijing, China.

2009   Group exhibition in the 8th New People Exhibition. Beijing, China.
2007   Group exhibition at the International Academy of Fine Arts Painting Exhibition.
             Beijing, China.