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Coming of Art - Udo Eberl


He should be a Popstar, Painters, collaged, but after a wild youth and a gave away high school is first of all the big failure, the "Coming of Age" disaster.

Then Udo Eberl composed music for dance theater successfully. He was editor who discovered far too late the camera itself. Over three decades, he scans for feature articles and magazines, the stars from pop to jazz on the stages of the world, trying to compress emotions to make music visible and freeze. He creates twice the program of the International Danube festival with more than 300,000 visitors. Writing and directing plays, lost in poetry finds its way back to the camera as a means of expression of his deepest feelings.


Shooting digital, analog thinking is his way. Udo Eberl dispensed with Photoshop, is alone on the focusing, sharpness, the cut of his artistic reality. The approach take place with the eye, not through the viewfinder. Where is the pulse? The image must be created in the head. When he takes his camera in hand, cutting and sharpness are already selected. A shot, a maximum of three, the subject does not get more chances, then the composition must work their magic. Still life, object photography, macro are created in that way.


Three years ago, with a intensive preparation is the outing. Udo Eberl´s work - "Approximations to a museum guard chair" (Annäherungen an einem Museumswärterstuhl) can be seen at the Triennale Art Ulmer in the Ulmer Museum. The head of the ZKM Museum of Contemporary Art in Karlsruhe, buys this work. This is followed by solo exhibitions at Zehnstadel Leipheim (2013) and at the City Gallery Laupheim (2014). The end of 2015 he will exhibit at the Künstlerhaus Ulm. Also planned is an exhibition in Turin and his performance / photography project "Under the Bridge" is publicly funded and currently being built.

From the "Coming of Age"-disaster has long been a "Coming of Art" - fever grow up. Incurable and contagious.